The Allies

Are you a certified movement guru and actively teaching? Just your luck. Join The Allies and you’ll be eligible to purchase Kin + Ally apparel at 15% off, all year long! Read the terms and fill out the form below to apply. Give us 1-2 weeks to review your application and we’ll get back to you via email to let you know if you’ve been approved.


Eligible members include:

  • Group fitness instructors
  • Studio instructors
  • Private instructors
  • Personal trainers
  • Studio owners
  • Professional athletes
  • Coaches and team trainers




  1. The Allies discount is applicable to orders made at only. Kin + Ally products purchased at our online or offline stockists aren't eligible for discounts.
  2. Do not share the 15% off discount with your fellow instructors, students, or anyone. It is reserved exclusively for you and you only. Break the rule? Ooh, we surely hope you don't do that - we have the right to remove you from the program.
  3. You're officially our brand ambassador and are encouraged to continue promoting the Kin + Ally brand on your socials.
  4. Always keep an eye out. The program may be altered at any time.

Let's be allies. Send us your request!