Our Planet — Our Pledge

Welcome to Kin + Ally!

It has been a long and bumpy road since we first concepted this idea 2.5 years ago in New York. We were fascinated by the quality of modern activewear available there, and even more inspired by the sustainability movement that was taking place.

We thought, what if we could make something just as awesome and sustainable in our own country? What if we could enable healthy living and mindful consumption within our own people, and create a community that lives by a higher standard for themselves and for our Earth?

By recycling old water bottles into new, high-quality leggings and bras, we want to show you that you can enjoy beautiful and durable activewear pieces without contributing to the current waste crisis (fact: almost all activewear is made out of plastic!) Let's run from mediocrity and aim for the extraordinary. Together, we can create a positive change in our lives and in others', and be part of the solution and not the pollution.

Your allies,

Natasha + Patricia


Core Values

Core Values



So, how do we turn recycled plastic bottles into your new favorite leggings and bras?