Used Plastic Bottles
Cleaned & Crushed into Flakes
Flakes Melted into Pellets
Pellets Extruded into Yarn
Yarn Spun into Fabric
Fabric Cut & Sewn into
Kin + Ally Leggings and Bras

Back in January 2020 (right before we knew the existence of COVID-19!), our team flew to Taiwan to visit the recycling facility and the mill that manufactures our ActiveKnit fabric. We wanted to make sure our factory shares the same values as us and also see firsthand the entire process of turning old water bottles into brand new fabric.

Plastic bottles were collected from designated recycling bins around the city of Taiwan and in residential homes. Residents worked together as a community to make recycling a daily habit by reminding one another and stepping in for pick-ups when they couldn't be at home during those hours. They treated recycling as a fun ritual to catch up with neighbors as they brought out recyclables to the street.

After the plastic gets transported to the recycling facility, it is further sorted to ensure that only truly recyclable plastic goes through the recycling process. The plastic is then thoroughly cleaned and crushed into tiny chips. These chips are then melted down into pellets that are extruded into flexible yarn. The yarn is expertly spun into large pieces of fabric. Next, the fabric rolls are carefully transported to Jakarta, Indonesia, where it is finally cut and sewn into our legging and bras.

A recycled super fabric called RPET, made from old water bottles collected from government-monitored recycling centers in Taiwan.



Four-Way Stretch



Super Soft


We chose our factories based on their standards, sustainable practices, and technological expertise. Our factories are some of the most technical and eco-conscious in the world and we are so proud to partner with them in this journey. Among considerations for quality of work and ethical sourcing, we also made sure that these factories provided a living wage for its workers, sanitary and safe working conditions, and annual health check-ups. It is important to us that sustainability isn't just about the environmental impact but also its impact on actual human lives.


Minimalistic, ergonomic, and dynamic, these are the cornerstones of our design approach. We wanted to make activewear that put YOU at the center of attention, all while ensuring all-day comfort so you can be free to focus on smashing those everyday goals. That's why our bras and leggings are created with clean lines, subtle sectioning, and sturdy stitching so that they keep everything in securely yet remain flexible enough for all the movements you'll be doing throughout the day. We were mainly inspired by the fluidity and strength of the ocean, so we wanted our clothes to reflect those qualities as well. We hope you feel like the force of nature that you are in our clothes!

Keep your clothes looking like new, help the earth.

Cold wash

Do not bleach

Do not iron

No dryers / dry cleaning

Use our Handy Wash Bag

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