• SuperSweat Towel

    Sweat it out in style with our all-new (but not new, *wink*) yoga towel, crafted from 80% RPET Microfiber ♻.

    Get sweaty today.
  • Handy Wash Bag

    Discover the ultimate laundry upgrade: Luxe RPET mesh. Tear-proof marvel. Anti-odor magic. Eco-zipper reliability. Ample size. Multipurpose. Elegant. Certified green.

    Make the switch.

    Your favorite responsible activewear is back in new styles, new colors, and new *SIZES*, ooh.

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  • ClassiCork Yoga Block

    Made of 100% natural, fine-grain cork — upcycled from leftover cork furniture and flooring.

    Go Zero Waste.
  • GoodGrip Yoga Mat

    Cue the arrival of the WORLD'S FIRST reversible, double-sided, dual-color marble mat. Early bird gets the worm!

    Get a Grip, Naturally.
  • Made Better, Enjoyed Longer

    Cute clothes made of trash you'll never want to throw away.

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What exactly does sustainability mean?

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Body Positive

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We're Eco Certified!

And it's not just a buzzword. This is our commitment to you, your body, the people who make your clothes and our planet. Some talk the talk, but we walk the walk (here's proof).

We're also partnering with Project Planet, Indonesia's first, curated directory of sustainable businesses, products and services. Head over to their website and sign up to be a community member (for free!) to access all your favorite green brands' exclusive discounts! Psst, don't say we didn't tell ya.


This Indonesian fashion brand launched its first activewear collection made from plastic waste. Don’t worry, it won’t feel like wearing plastics all over your body.

— The S Media